Interview | 堺の包丁を世界へ「包丁どっとこむ」


Though today the internet covers whole world and enables us to casually shop interact with the other side of the earth. Whom there was a person who tied up the internet with business more than 20 years ago, at a time when the internet culture had just started. His name is Mr. Kenji Matsuda, the owner of a web site, called “” He succeeded in spreading kitchen knives made in a local Sakai city to the world. But his achievement was actually much bigger.




A professional distributor started to rent buildings.

&Rice crews visit Mr. Matsuda in “The Matsutoshi building” facing Ichijo Street. Wooden handrails on stairs and a tiled floor remind us retro taste. He is its owner.
“After graduating college, I was working at an office for 2 years in Mie and 4 years in Osaka. I worked for a wholesale business selling kimono fabrics and women’s shoes. I liked selling things so it came natural to me.”
He built his career and decided to become independent at the age of 28 and started his own business selling kitchen knives with his friend. He also took over his family business of renting buildings when his father was hospitalized.
“The second floor of this building was vacant, so I started the Original Internet cafe. But this cafe was unusual in that it was used to teach people who visited how to use a PC.”
Mr. Matsuda also taught some school teachers and JCI-Japan staff.
“While I provided free support to those who I introduced the internet to I uploaded their various questions. An internet community was established before I knew it.”He played a great roll in the internet spreading in Sakai.



Right about that time, lots of companies began to enthusiastically create their own websites, but there were few who had their own domain and address.
“Right at that moment, ‷Cobalt server‴ was just released and enabled us to manage it easily. I introduced this handy tool after studying Linux by myself. I was contracted for a job at a company that had gotten their own domain and had created a web site and I put it into the server for the needs of many users.” Around 30 rentals were contracted for each of their many “Cobalt servers.”
“I thought that renting server systems and renting buildings were pretty similar.”

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