People | 白ごはんに合う餃子、そのコンセプトと誕生秘話


生餃子 お持ち帰り専門店 龍華山

ごま油の香ばしい匂い、焼けた皮とシャキシャキ野菜の歯ごたえ、つけダレと一緒に白ごはんをほおばれば、食がどんどん進みます。「餃子といえばビール」。そんな常識を覆したのが、生餃子のお持ち帰り専門店『龍華山』です。 「白ごはんに合う餃子」という他にはない個性を持つ餃子。そんなコンセプトがどこから生まれ、どのように完成したのか。その秘密に迫りました。

Ryukazan – Gyoza dumplings takeaway shop
The mouth-watering smell of sesame oil, the crunchy dough, the special dipping sauce. Once you get started, it will be hard to stop! “Gyoza’s best partner is beer”, as the old saying goes. To break with that tradition – that some believe is written in stone – the owners of Ryukazan started a journey in search for a new partner to the beloved ‘gyoza’ dumplings. They found it – it was ‘shiro gohan’ (white rice), so central to the Japanese food culture. Here is the story.






— It is all about the taste

Mr. Takayoshi Kena’s family has owned a dyeing shop, a traditional craft in Sakai, for many years. From the design of hand towels and ‘happi’ – a traditional outer garment – Mr. Kena took an interest in Japanese cuisine, which soon developed into the desire to become involved with restaurants and food shops. “I wanted the Ryukazan gyoza’s taste to be elegantly simple”, says Mr. Kena.
The basic ingredients are cabbage, scallions, garlic, and pork. Nothing less, and nothing more. First, the vegetables are chopped and mixed together, then the ground pork is added to form the filling that is wrapped into a piece of dough. “I pick up the vegetables according to what is available in that season. The soft and fresh feel they bring to the mouth, that is because I stick to the essential ingredients only. It is all about the taste.”

There are two other things that make the match between ‘gyoza’ and ‘shiro gohan’ so perfect: the seasoning that goes into the filling and the slightly sweet sauce. By the way, the seasoning’s recipe is a secret only known to Mr. Kena.

“A lot of people, especially the children, tell me that it is hard to have only one ‘gyoza’, once you get started it will be hard to stop!”


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