けがれ無き水で育った神の庭の米 長峰産上神谷米(にわだにまい)


特に上神谷でも長峰地区は、太古の海底が隆起してできた粘土層で鉄分もたっぷり。『長峰産 上神谷米』として長峰営農組合が販売しています。


Rice from the “Garden of God” grown in pure natural water Niwadani-mai produced in Nagamine Area

As a local product of Sakai, it is becoming more popular among the people in Sakai that Niwadani mai is so delicious. Niwadani is an awe-inspiring region surrounded by a series of mountain – which includes 女人荒野・天野山金剛寺– and has historical Sakurai shrine.
Thanks to this splendid location, something powerful from the land is concentrated on the rice, Niwadani-mai.It is becoming more popular among the people in Sakai as a local Sakai products that Niwadani mai is so delicious.
Hiroshi Adachi, a member of Mizudori Net Taisho ike, who named [Niwadani-mai] told us the reason why Niwadani –mai is so delicious.Because Niwadani is located in the upstream of the river, there doesn’t see polluted water. And such water from the river and pond cultivate Niwadani-mai so delicious.
Especially Nagamine area in Niwadani is the land having an ancient seabed which contains abundant dietary iron. [Niwadani-mai produced in Nagamine Area] can be purchased from Nagamine agriculture association.
Although Niwadani used to be famous for rice producing region and from Edo period to arly Showa “Sake” made from rice of Niwadani and water of Ohama was sold in Hokkaido or even in foreign countries, it has gone out due to industrialization. However, a new rice cultivar [Hinohikari] which matches the climate of Osaka has been developed under the excellent environment and produced as Niwadani mai.

[Niwadani mai] can be purchased at the rice shop in [Niwadani area] or [Harvest no oka]. However, especially at the new rice season, it is recommended to get it earlier because it is being produced in a very limited rice field.

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